Top 5 Love+Lemon Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Nov 27th 2017

Wracking your brain over cute Christmas giving ideas? Have no fear. Love+Lemon is here. Ready to spoil the crafter or DIYer in life? At Love+Lemon we know just the gifts for really fun stocking stuffers. It’s going to be a Do It Yourself themed Christmas this year for your creative loved ones! Be that cool auntie, big sis, or Mom who just has a knack for giving the right thing-----with a little help from Love+Lemon of course

Here’s Love+Lemon’s top five stocking stuffer ideas!

1. Bags And Pouches

We’ve got the pouches to end all pouches! The great thing about our pouch collection is variety. We’ve got a funky fun assortment of pouches that can be used from almost anything from makeup bags to trinket storage. Give them flower power with Love+Lemon’s Floral Pencil Pouch or our Gold Rings Craft bag. The Love+Lemon’s Polka Dot Pencil Pouch will be a stocking stuffer sensation or any of our collectable pouch bags. Our pouches are a cute surprise for your fav’ DIYer or crafter. Make your stockings special ones with Love+Lemon pouches!

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2. Pins And Patches

If you really want to start some fun stocking stuffer drama Love+Lemon pins and patches are the way to go. They’re perfect for stocking stuffing because you can drop multiple pins and patches in several stockings and never duplicate any of them. From Slay It Queen and Pink Lips we’ve got a giggly array of eye catching patches for you to choose from. Our pin collection is just as sassy. Red lips anyone? How about a burger to go along with that shake? Our pink hearts rule. But don’t let us choose for you. Check out our collection of pins and then mix it all up with patches for a fun stocking stuffer session that is sure to please come Christmas morning!

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3. Washi Tape

Here’s a secret: crafters LOVE Washi tape. There are so many things you can do with it for starters which makes it a goody among crafters and DIYers high and low. From covering a boring notebook to lining the outside of a lampshade, Washi tape is the end all to be all when it comes to ketchy decorating and fun signature style. Love+Lemon has a fantastic collection of Washi tape that’s sure to make your stockings a hit and then some. We have Washi tape in multiple styles, colors, and patterns to really juice up your stockings and delight your crafters. Stuff your stockings with fun. Go wild. Go Washi tape.

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4. Charms

What’s a stocking without Love+Lemon charms? We’ve got you covered with adorable charms that are sure to be a hit. The Foodie charms are yummy cuteness from a delectable pizza slice and ice cream sandwich to a pink donut and ice cream cone. Or dress their stocking up with our Goodies charm collection like red hot lips or Oh Snap! Check out the entire Love+Lemon line of charms for stocking stuffer fun. You’ll get big smiles and big hugs!

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5. Stickers

We’ve loads and loads and loads of Rock Candy, Uptown Girl, Not Too Shabby, and the Main Squeeze Stickers that will add bling to any stocking. From “Get It Girl” to Love+Lemon’s almost endless selection of alpha stickers you’ll have no problem filling up stocking with fun, fab, and fierce. 

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