Top 5 Love+Lemon Gifts for Your Fave Crafter

Dec 4th 2017

Top 5 Love+Lemon Gifts for Your Fave Crafter

It’s that time of year again! Here at Love+Lemon we pull out all stops for the holiday season. It’s a time of friends, family, food gatherings, good tidings, creating memories and celebrating all the wonderful things in life.

It’s also a time of giving. In gearing up for the holidays we’ve been busy working on some great gift ideas for the crafters and the DIYers in your life. They may seem hard to shop for at first because, well, what do you get someone who likes to make their own stuff?

Our answer?

Give them something that they can build up with their own individual style and creativity.

To that end, Love+Lemon has some great gift ideas that the crafters and DIYers in your life will just love…

Here’s Love +Lemon’s top five DIY gift ideas:

1. Bags + Patches +Pins

We’ve got a great selection of cool makeup bags from the Birds + Floral Pencil Pouch to the Shabby Green Pencil Pouch. Jump start your crafter’ s imagination with fun patches to adorn the makeup bag like our Bae Heart Pink or our Burger patch. We’ve got a whole collection so you can actually create a cute grab bag of patches to go along with the makeup bag and let your DIYer have at it. Toss in a few of the Love+Lemon pins to really help dress things up. Pink Donut pin. Ice Cream cone pin. Red Lips pin. We’ve got several cute pins so sky’s the limit.

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2. Charms + Beads+ Lace

Put the crafter in your life happily to work. Give them a recipe of fun leather lacee, some cool charms, a jar of funky beads and watch them make magic. No doubt they’ll come up with a cool one-of-a-kind necklace that’s to die for. We’ve got gold crimp beads to get them started or how about a jar of Wood Alpha beads or our colorful collection of Alpha beads for their crafting pleasure?

Whichever you choose your crafter will love it!

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3. Key Chain Tassels + Charms

Our key chain tassels make perfect accessories for any handbag, backpack, or just the foundation for a fun DIY project. But don’t stop there! Spice your gift up with some Love+Lemon charms. We’ve got a Foodie charm set, a Goodies charm set, the Not Too Shabby charm set, and the Pow! Jewelry charm set. Juice up your DIYers imagination with a Key Chain Tassel with a fun batch of charms for a cute gift surprise.

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4. Keepsake Box + Acrylic Stones

Love+Lemon’s Keepsake Box is DIY perfection. Why? It’s a beautiful yet simple wood box just begging to get dressed up and decorated for its new owner. They can paint it, draw on it, or even better, apply Love+Lemon’s jewelry craft on it. Watch the Keepsake Box come to life as your crafter goes crazy with a blinging Jar of Stones or Pink Acrylic Stone stickers. She’ll have a blast making her Keepsake box her very own.

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5. Planner + Alphabet Stickers + Washi Tape + Bling Jewel Stickers

Nothing says mine like one of a kind. For the busy crafter a planner kit is a must have. And of course you want them to bring their individual style in the mix with a fun dose of Love+Lemon’s Alpha Stickers and a splash of some of our fabulous Washi Tape. Help them round it all off with some of Bling Jewel Stickers and they’ll make sure that their signature style will rule the day! 

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