How to Make the Cutest (and Easiest) Friendship Bracelets

Feb 23rd 2018

How to Make the Cutest (and Easiest) Friendship Bracelets

This post originally appeared on the Live Colorful blog.

Who else is excited about Valentine’s Day? It’s just around the corner, can you believe it? I was just thinking about that the other day while I was taking down the Christmas tree. Sometimes, like that day, I’m amazed about how fast time flies and how much we wait for a holiday we love and then, suddenly, it’s just here!

To make the wait count, why not start crafting something fun related to Valentine’s Day right now, so we get some fun creative time and at the same time we start making cute gifts for family and friends.

Love+Lemon Craft Co sent me their amazing charms sets and the most colorful suede lace that inspired this project. They also offered me with the greatest tools, jump rings, and bracelet bangles! Which is the way to go when making bracelets. They are just so easy to personalize.



  1. Start by making a loop of suede lace and tying a knot at the end of the bracelet bangle. Leave about three inches on each side of the bracelet bangle to be able to make a bow later, it will look super cute when you and your friends wear the bracelets.
  2. Use the jump rings to hang the charms. I got two Love+Lemon Craft Co charm sets, the foodie charm set and goodies charm set, with 12 pieces in total so I used four charms on each bracelet.
  3. Make three of these cute bracelets, keep one and give two away to your friends!

This is the perfect excuse to start making something fun and pretty for Valentine’s day and in a super easy way!